She Flies Through The Air

Once upon a time there was a girl going through a midlife crisis.

"I must do something to avert this feeling!" she said to her husband as they drove down the highway on a hot summer day in Oregon.

She gazed out her window and saw a small airstrip. "That's it!"

She grabbed her cell phone and rang up her best friend, Kathy. "We're doing it!"

"Doing what?"

"We're skydiving on our 40th birthday!"

"Um, okay!"

And they say, is that. The plan was made!

On April 15 they embarked upon their mission bright and early on a cool spring morning. Tory was nervous, but was sure she would go through with it. Kathy was too, but she'd done it once before and knew it was a piece of cake. They made their way to Harvey Airfield in Snohomish to the Snohomish Skydive School.

At the school they were shown to a table and handed a multi-page contract. The contract said things like "Skydiving is a dangerous sport" and " could die" and " can't sue us if you do die."


We read.

We shuddered.

We signed.

The next six hours were spent learning all sorts of new and exciting things about skydiving! Tory decided, for her first jump, to do a static line jump. That means she'd be tethered to the plane and the plane would pull her chute just after she jumped out.

Yeah, it was a stupid decision, wasn't it?

Ready for jump practice on the fake plane
Getting into position
Putting on the jumpsuit
Nope, not nervous at all
Gearing up
SERIOUSLY! I am NOT nervous!
Okay, so maybe I was a little nervous


The time had finally come to get into the plane and take to the sky! Roy had arrived to watch his beloved on her midlif...errr, death defying feat. He took the red bus out to the drop zone with Tyson and waited and watched. There they go! Up into the sky!

There's the plane! Way up there!

Tory is first to jump! She should be jumping any minute!

Any minute now!


Now why is the plane returning? What's going on?