This page was last updated December 15, 2006

While I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions, I do believe in setting goals and personal challenges. Why don't I believe in resolutions? Because they are finite. We set them. We break them. We forget them. Goals, on the other hand, are something to work towards. When we make a mistake it's just one more step in reaching the goal...a learning experience, if you will.

So below are my personal challenges for the year 2005. I'd love to hear yours!

Food related goals

Replace carby snacks with fruits and vegetables.
Reduce refined sugars
Stop eating when no longer hungry
Develop a training diet

Exercise related goals

Run every day of the year a minimum of one mile. Will be adjusted if I have to go into the hospital or for pancreatitis bouts.
Complete at least three triathlons and at least one must be an Olympic length.
Consider a half iron man. That's all I will commit to. Considering. I've always felt that people who intentionally do ironman triathlons were a little bit crazy.
At least one marathon. At least two half marathons.
At least 24 races...with a "sky high" goal of 50. That's two-four a month.
Improve my weight lifting so that I'm lifting at least three times a week and have some actual feminine bulk on my arms and legs.

Relationship Related Goals

Friday night date night; no computers, no other plans (except the occasional school related item). Just the two of us.
Celebrate every 20th of every month

Personal Goals

Work on my negative thinking about other people. Every time I have a negative thought, turn it into a positive.
Take my Network+ test
Develop at least one new hobby or interest
Scrapbook all my pictures

Updates on August 14, 2005

December 2006 Updates!

I haven't thought too much about 2007 yet, beyond the races I've signed up for. I know I'll do my first ultra marathon. I also know I'm going to conquer my swim fear, and do the Seattle to Portland bike ride. Beyond that, I'm not sure yet!